Posted by Impact Posters Gallery on 30th Mar 2016

What's a Black Panther, Really? Here Are the Facts.

Regarded as highly intelligent and ferocious in nature, the black panther is a very recognizable animal. The NFL’s Carolina Panthers are perhaps the most famous organization to use the black panther as their logo and mascot. Here are some other cool facts about black panthers that most people don’t know!

  • The “black panther” is actually not a separate species; it is a general term used for any dark colored fur member of the Big Cat family, most commonly jaguars (Americas) and leopards (Asia/Africa).
  • A recessive gene passes down the dark colored fur.
  • They’re strong swimmers and climbers.
  • Newborn cubs are born blind.
  • The panther that can be found in Florida is actually a type of cougar, not a jaguar or leopard.
  • At a wildlife sanctuary in Canada, a lioness and a black jaguar gave birth to two jaglion cubs, the only known two in the world.

So as it turns out, a black panther is either a jaguar or leopard, wild isn’t it?! Visit to get your own framed print of a majestic black panther for your home.