Posted by Impact Posters Gallery on 18th Aug 2015

Visual Representations: Mood Boards and Idea Sharing

Mood boards are visual representations of concepts and ideas for goals and projects of many varieties. They are often created arts-and-crafts style with foam or poster board, glitter, glue, markers and magazine or newspaper clippings. More recently, mood boards have hit the digital realm. As graphic symbols of possibility, mood boards are convenient for use in many industries, including interior design, landscaping and wedding planning. Pitching a color scheme, advertising idea or garden plan with a mood board is a great way to help clients visualize the final results of almost any project.

Digital Boards and Social Media

Popular sites like MashUp and Pinterest make it easy to create and share boards with friends and group members. Many professionals create profiles geared toward showcasing past successes, others post and share boards designed to inspire new concepts or ways of thinking.

Digital mood boards offer an easy approach to modification and collaboration for projects. Because they are either online or stored locally, it is simple to change out this graphic or alter that text. Choosing colors for design projects or rearranging seating charts takes just a couple of clicks, versus creating an entirely new board from scratch.

Making A Mood Board

The impact of a mood board that is created with intent and care out of a physical medium is higher and tends to result in a more effective presentation. Boards used professionally should certainly feature components that are high in quality: thick, durable foam board, top-notch graphics and appealing colors and fonts are essential elements for success.

For personal use, such as goal-setting, how a mood board looks is less important than what is on it. Magazine-photo collages on old cardboard boxes have provided inspiration to more than a few at-home creators. All it takes is a few old magazines, scissors and tape or glue!

Mood boards are extremely useful ways for people to visualize an idea before it is too late to modify or change a concept. This saves money and time while aiding in providing a satisfactory client experience. Whether digital or physical, mood boards make it possible to clarify and finalize a project or design, and can help someone achieve a goal or accomplish a task by providing visual cues and reminders regularly.