Posted by Impact Posters Gallery on 12th Apr 2016

To Live in a World Where Dogs Can Golf

There are few scenes more heart throbbing than the dogs playing golf poster. Their outfits and postures strike the chords of any cute animals lovers. Sometimes it’s almost too much to handle! But what really gets us is the idea of life where our best friends and most loyal companions can accompany us as we play our favorite game.

Imagine packing up your golf bag, getting to the driving range and practicing your swing as your Labrador sits patiently at your side. When you’re swinging well, he’s enjoying your success. When you top the ball, he’s there to let you know he still will stand always at your side. You’re all practiced up and ready to hit the first tee. Your passenger in the cart? You bet - your dog. Lose your ball in the ruff? Send him to retrieve it for you. Can’t spot where you hit on the fairway? Send him along to scout the ball and sit patiently waiting for you to arrive with the right club for the next shot. A perfect round of golf or a not so great one is still a day well spent with your pup. You grow together and enjoy your favorite sport without leaving him at home! What a world it would be.

Well, we have some pretty excellent news. It turns out that golfing with your dog is an option. It isn’t quite as fantastical as the imagined scene of dogs standing on two’s and playing a round against a fellow breed, but the dream of them at your side is a reality!

Here are some facts that you wouldn’t have guessed about dogs that are allowed to accompany golfers at clubs:

  • Spaniels and Labradors make the preferred choice because of their retrieving abilities
  • Well trained dogs provide a stable energy and a comfort to the day
  • They can offer their paw to shake hands at the end of a round
  • Pups provide the advantage of scouting balls on and off the fairways
  • Dogs can be trained specially as golf companions
  • Golf can assist in a dog’s character training

If you aren’t going to make it to a course with your pup in the near future, you can at least enlist some art to remind you of the imaginative but feasible world everyday. To find the perfect dogs poster to lift your spirits and keep them high all day, check out Impact Posters Gallery. The right poster awaits you!