Posted by Impact Posters Gallery on 6th Apr 2016

How Marine Life Posters Can Soothe Your Soul via the Blue Mind Effect

Marine life posters are good for more than aesthetic pleasure and feeling like we are living amongst sea creatures. In fact, studies are continuously showing that water - even just the image of water - has a biologically calming effect on the mind.

The blue mind effect has been cemented by marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols, who has spent more than two decades studying animals of the Pacific Ocean. He spent the most recent five years studying neuroscience and human behavior as affected by the blue mind.

The idea is premised on the calming effect we feel when we are around physical water - hearing it, feeling it, smelling it, seeing it. It turns out that when we are in this calm, almost meditative mental state, our innovation and connectedness soar. This effect has led industry leaders to build offices on the water, place fountains in lobbies and encourage employees to have miniature fountains or water photos on their desks.

When it comes to feeling calm, relaxed and innovative at home, marine life art is a beautiful way to encourage an optimal mental state. Whether we perceive consciously or not, the blue sight of the water triggers brain activity that unwinds us. It allows us to enter a peaceful state that better facilities thinking and imagining.

Beyond stimulating the blue mind effect and rendering viewers tranquil, marine life posters keep us aware of water. It is no secret that our planet faces a world water crisis - one that we contribute to everyday. Seeing water and its native inhabitants encourages us to be mindful of the water we use inside and outside of the house. Seeing a sea turtle swim might remind us to turn the faucet off sooner or make tea with leaves instead of going out for a processed coffee. It helps us be mindful of aquatic life and water consumption.

We are made majorly of water and it is no surprise that we perform best when living amidst it. Whether we see it, touch it, smell it or hear it; water has extremely soothing mental and health benefits. If you haven’t already, head to Impact Posters Gallery to see the best selection of water and marine life posters available.

Who would have thought that decorating your apartment with marine life could be so powerful?