Have You Witnessed Paintings By Andy Warhol?

Posted by Impact Posters Gallery on 24th Feb 2016

Have You Witnessed Paintings By Andy Warhol?

Very few names can be found so commonly linked to the world of art as well as the world of popular culture like that of Andy Warhol. Andy was the one that really pushed the movement known as pop art into the public eye. If you are not familiar with this term, I'm sure you've at least seen it. Everyone has either seen the Marilyn Monroe portrait done in four different color schemes, or at least a personal variation of that piece. This was a Warhol art piece.

For a man who got his start as a commercial illustrator, he found himself wanting to push the boundaries of the norm, while also pushing the boundaries of peoples mind. To say Warhol was a strange man would be an incredible understatement. He was an artist, and their minds work vastly different than most peoples. He would look at something and think what he would do to make that completely different.

Everyone went to high school school at some point in time, and would hang pictures and other items in their lockers. Creating a collage of sorts. This modern version of the collage was made very famous by Warhol himself. Sure, there were other artists around the same time toying with the same principals. But none of them hit the public mainstream like Warhol's work did. To this day art galleries are still showcasing his work. The art that people have been dying to see for years, is the work that is locked in a vault somewhere, that the public has not been granted access to see.

With every great art movement made over the years, there has always been someone standing behind it, pushing it at forward momentum. This is something that everyone should really think about. The overall public opinion of Warhol isn't very high at all. But like him or not, they must give him credit where credit is do. Doors have been opened to us all from his experimental art methods. We now have the options to turn video, music, and pictures into new art forms. Many of these arts forms are taking those three elements and combining them. No longer is the world of art bound to paints and canvas.

I urge everyone to take a little bit of what Andy Warhol has taught and created, and make it your own. Take a piece that he did, and make it your own. Like it or not, or if you just fail to see it, everyone has creativity buried deep inside themselves. You just need to sift through all of it, and find the area you are most creative in. Take those elements and make something the world has never dreamed of seeing. If you do that, you may be the very next person the world is rushing into lines, to see the next great piece of art from.