Warrior's Song G Femrite Wolf Native American Fine Wall Decor Espresso Framed Picture Art Print (20x24)

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Give a new dimension to your home decor by simply adding this wonderful warrior's song G Femrite wolf Native American framed art poster. Native American warriors were responsible for the protection of their people and also had the responsibility for providing the basic material needs of their people. The espresso wooden frame of this poster will look wonderful and make a graceful addition to any area in your beautiful home and ensures to make a smile on everyone’s face at a very first glance. Its sleek frame design beautifully highlights the picture without overshadowing it. The frame is made from solid wood measuring 20x24 inches with a smooth gesso finish. This framed poster includes a wire hanger on the back for easy display. Impact posters gallery also offers high quality framed posters which are perfect for decorators on a budget. Hurry up! Make your order today.