Native American Indian Maiden II Girl Wall Decor Picture Art Print (8x10)

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Indian Maiden Jonnie Kostoff Print and Poster

being human beings but they were not the same with respect to the responsibilities that they carried. While the man was responsible for the maintenance and protection of the woman but on the other hand women should contribute her share of responsibility to household works like cooking, stitching and clothing. The Native Americans are different from you in only their cultural belief systems. It would be a wonderful gift for those who have much interest in the live and culture of Native propels. Hurry up!  Grab this wonderful wall poster for its durable quality and high degree of color accuracy.

  • Art print measures 8x10 inches and is created using high quality paper.
  • The printing process produces a vivid and detailed reproduction.
  • Brand new poster published in USA, ships from USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Perfect choice for bedroom, living room, guest room, meeting room, bathroom, coffee bar, nurseries house, hallway, corridor, college dormitory, hotel, inn, spa, lounge, salon, home and office decor.